Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glass Masquerade

Today, I was debating about what I wanted to post. I thought about posting a real blog, I thought about posting a poem I wrote recently. I eventually decided on actually writing a post, and I even had this really good idea... I just changed my mind. Literally, when I opened the browser window. I'm going to give you the poem. The title is as it says up there- "Glass Masquerade." I wrote it for one of my classes and turned it in yesterday... it got peer reviewed, and pretty much everyone said they liked it. There was a little confusion here and there, but overall it got a good response. Anyway, I want to share it with anyone and everyone who might read this, and I really do want to know what you think. Anything from one word to a couple paragraphs (or more, if you like), I'm open to anything. Comment anonymously if you like. Whatever. I've recently been getting much more into poetry, and I really want to know if it makes any sort of sense to anyone else. So yeah. Here goes.


It was the night
Of your 23rd birthday
When we danced.
I didn't know you,
Nor you me,
And we were wearing masks.

You were leaning against a wall,
Out of the way,
When I found you.
You were quiet, so
I stayed.
I didn't hate you.

Silence only lasts so long;
They found us,
And we had to stop hiding.
You asked me inside your eyes:
"Please." Just please.
I agreed.

You took my hand, and
They let you go.
You can't be stopped, after all,
Whether you're smiling or
Not. But this time you did
And I was happy.

We danced that night,
In circles, together.
And we were wearing masks.

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