Sunday, November 29, 2015

Well hey, lookee this.  It has been approximately four years, 8 months, and 6 days since I last posted.  I literally had not thought about this blog in years until I went to update something on my youtube profile and noticed that this was the link I provided on it.  Hm.  I used to post on the 23rd of every month... I wonder what made me stop.
Many things have happened in the last 4+ years of my life.  I graduated university, got a job, moved to Japan.  My best friend got married, my sister engaged.  I fell out of love, in love with someone else, and am in the process of dragging myself out of that again.  Got some more piercings.  Made some new friends, lost some others.  Most of all, I like to think I've grown as a person.  I'm a little afraid to go back and read some of my past entries on this, but maybe I should, just to remind myself where I've come from.  And I probably shouldn't delete them, even if I want to.  Especially if I want to, even.  I mean, that's how it goes, isn't it?  If you don't want to clean your toilet, then it's probably time you should.  If you want to sit in your sweatpants and eat popcorn all day, you probably shouldn't.  Not that I'm a great example of doing all the things I should and not doing all the things I shouldn't, but hey.  At least I know what I should and shouldn't be doing.  That's a step, right?
That is, after all, one of the things I've learned about growing up.  Ten years ago I thought I knew everything; five years ago I thought I knew a lot of stuff; now I'm pretty darn sure that I know next to nothing.  And when you realize that you don't actually know anything, that means you've learned something, right?  You've become one inch closer to being a capable human being.  Not that anyone actually is a capable human being, I'm pretty sure, but hey.  It's something to strive for.
Honestly I'm not sure what I wanted to talk about in this blog, I just wanted to post something.  Maybe from here on out I'll post more often.  Maybe not.  We'll see.  No promises.  For the meantime, I'll give you a link for a song, as I feel like I used to do that?
Toodles.  Enjoy.
Hello Sleepwalkers - Ray of Sunlight