Monday, March 23, 2009


Ever wonder what you're going to do with the rest of your life?  This is one question that is virtually pounding the inside of my mind everyday, demanding an answer that I don't have.  There is so much stuff to think about!  How can I possibly decide that?  I mean really, I know everyone says that the average person changes career like 6 times in their life or something like that, but really, I don't think it's that easy.  They leave out the little detail that each one of those careers is in a general area- biology, journalism, business, whatever.  Yeah, they change jobs, but they're all the same types of jobs.  And do you know what the world is making me do?  Choose what my variety of jobs will be right now.  Now?!  Really?  Yeah- 18 years old and they're telling me that I have to pick a major which, in essence, determines my future career(s), which determines all sorts of things, like my income, where I'll live, and the people I'll meet.  I mean, seriously, I'm 18.  And I have to choose now?

Society (and school) says I do.  Well that's a scary thought, because really if you take all that into account, I basically have to decide who I am.  Which scares me witless.  I don't have a clue who I really am.  I know what I like, what I don't like, what I'm good at, what I'm bad at, but does that define who I am?  That seems kinda superficial, even incorrect.  I mean, am I defined by what I'm good at?  What if I'm good at something but I hate doing it?  Should I still put my emphasis in that area just because I'm good at it?  I tend to think not.

Suffice to say that I don't know what to do.  At one point in the recent past I went ahead and asked someone who I hold in very high esteem (a hero of mine, actually) what to do, and honestly, I didn't really expect an answer because he's kindof, well, famous.  He actually did answer me, which in itself was really cool, but what he said was even cooler: "Don't be stressed that you don't know your true spot in life.  Not many people do.  Not even me.  ...  You should just live Christ."  Now, when he said he didn't know his place in life either, that pretty much astonished me.  I was like seriously?  You're a famous musician/author!  How can you possibly not know what you're doing?  It made me think.  How many people actually do know where they're supposed to be?  Probably not nearly as many as we think or as many who claim to know.  

Which brings me to the last part of what he said: "Just live for Christ."  Well it doesn't get much simpler than that, but you know what?  He's right.  God's gonna get me to where I need to be when I need to be there.  As if to emphasize this point the next song that came up on my itunes while on shuffle was "I Give Up" by Stellar Kart.  Really, that's all I have to do.  Yeah, I'm still going to have to make decisions, obviously, but I don't have to do it all.  I just have to give it to God, and he'll take it in his hands.  He'll take care of it.  Kindof a relief, not gonna lie.


P.S. Song reference- this is a youtube of Stellar Kart's "I Give Up."  Check it out, it's a goooooood song.